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Saturday, December 31, 2005

These videos are SO 2005...

I stumbled across a couple wonderful videos online this morning, that I wanted to share with all my SilverFutureHolics so tune your computer TV over here for a bit of fun.

First of all, Stereogum posted the videos for both Saul Williams' "List of Demands (reparations)" and the cover by sweet Swedes Jenny Wilson and Robyn Carlsson. I had never seen either and they're both quite entertaining in their own ways. I recommend watching them both.

Whatever you do though, don't miss Terry Brown: Slow Playing Tape Deck. This is what Google Video was invented for! "We're not gonna need a tweeter for what we're doing today." (via GetLoFi)

While we're at it, check out DoCopenhagen's Top 50 Music Videos of 2005. (via Gapersblock)


  • I' d put together the┬áTop 50 Music Videos of 2006 - thought you might enjoy it...

    By Blogger Thomas Christensen, at 5:12 AM  

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