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Friday, June 17, 2005

Let's get high

On Wed. The New York Times ran a piece on the High Line, New York's future elevated park located on a former freight railroad right-of-way. Chicago has it's own plans for a similar project on the abandoned Bloomingdale Line which runs east from the Logan Square YMCA through Wicker Park and down the way to Ashland. I've been following the progress of the High Line since I first heard of the Bloomingdale Trail project and watching as it slowly gets permits and works it's way through the system, and it just makes me realize that it's gonna be a long time before I can bike to work on the Bloomingdale trail, which totally sucks, because it would be a better route than any of the streets I currently ride (at least for part of the trip). Until then, I suppose I'll have to settle for these artist's renderings of the High Line and this guy's pictures of the Bloomingdale Trail as it looks today. At least until I get back up there for a hike...


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