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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Don't blame me, I voted for Judge Judy.

I've been very disappointed with the current term of the Supreme Court. In the past few months, they've decided that police need neither a warrant nor probable cause to let a dog sniff you or your vehicle, that eminent domain can be exercised if a private company wants to develop an area that could be used to boost tax revenue, that medical marijuana is illegal (regardless of the fact that until recently, this court has been extremely outspoken about protecting states' rights) and they kicked the Grokster case back into a lower court.

Once they headed out for the fun & sun of their summer recess, Sandra Day O'Connor resigned, and Chief Justice William Rehnquist is expected to resign at any moment. This isn't going to be an easy road for the President as the Christian right does not approve of his prime candidate, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales as he might not be onboard to overturn Roe V. Wade.

The most interesting analysis I've read so far comes from Richard Cohen of the Washington Post who wrote a column advocating the nomination of Judge Judy. Yesterday, Kurt Vonnegut came out to lend his support to Judge Judy as well(second item). I have to agree.

Back when I was working in Master Control, I had to watch Judge Judy everyday, and I grew to respect her. I don't always agree with her, and sometimes I think she's a little quick to condemn some of the more harmless litigants in her courtroom, but I respect her, her heart is in the right place, and I think her straightforward, no nonsense attitude is just what we need on the Supreme Court. Judge Judy has my vote.


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