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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Summer love...

Been a while, I know, but with summer festival season making noise lately, you know I'm gonna come out swinging.

The past few weeks have been a ball of stress, travel, confusion, and power naps. The one thing that has managed to keep my spirits up (aside form a few genuinely beautiful spring days) has been the announcement and ticket sales of a bunch of crazy Chicago music festivals.

Today, I went to the Intonation site mostly out of boredom, and discovered that they had again announced some new acts. Boy, does this fest look like a doozy! Vice is curating the Intonation fest this year since Pitchfork is doing their own shindig, and the acts announced before today weren't all that surprising considering that most of them were Signed to Vice Records (where's Justice? I need me some Justice!!). Of course it doesn't hurt that most of the acts on Vice are top notch, and to be fair, if you tell me the Boredoms are playing somewhere, I'll be there.

So today, in addition to the previously announced goodness of The Streets, The Stills, Bloc Party, Lady Sov, Jose Gonzalez, Chromeo (who have a downloadable mixtape available at the Vice records site), Bloc Party, Jon Brion, and Panthers, now we also get Devin the Dude, High on Fire, Kano, 90 Day Men, Dead Prez, Annie, The Constantines, and Tyrades. Damn. Now that's what I call a solid lineup.

Pitchfork has many more bands to announce, but while I hope they have a lineup as diverse, interesting, and solid as this, the acts they've announced so far tend to lead me to believe that the Pitchfork fest will likely be filled with the type of indie rock they champion online. Of course who knows, maybe they'll book Cam'ron and/or Juelz and get some street cred. In fact I dare them to book some Dipset. The guantlet has been thrown!

Intonation would get my money just for the Boredoms, High on Fire, Chromeo, and Bloc Party, but I love that we also get to see Dead Prez, Annie, and the guy who took Kanye's Late Registration from being "just-OK" to "somewhat-interesting", Jon Brion.

Plus, Intonation is happening June 24 & 25, the weekend that immediately precedes my birthday, so not only will we hopefully get a break from the late July heat provided by the other festivals, but I'll have a reason to be particularly celebratory!

Now the hard part is waiting until June...


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