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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Highway to hell (we're on the)


*This is a scary article. Be careful where you dispose of your boarding pass.
*More scary ish.
*1 in 136 US Residents behind bars.
*The army's recruiting Autistic kids?
*Heh, yesterday I walked past the Haunted Hooters and the marquee read "Welcome NRA". I just shook my head and chuckled, but it was probably actually aimed at the National Restaurant Association. The President addressed them here yesterday.
*Condeleeza's top ten. (and a mixtape with a song about Condeleeza on it!)
*Make a distortion pedal out of a walkman.
*Os Mutantes are back (and headed to Chicago!)
*Sly and the Family Stone. Sweet!

*uh, wow!

*that clip recommended by the always entertaining Dan Gleason. Hit up his spot for more goodie goodie gumdrops.


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