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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Patton & a Parrot

Did you see Peeping Tom on Conan? The Peeping Tom Media blitz is go! SuicideGirls has a great interview with Patton that spells out some of the process behind Patton's approach to writing music and writing for the different projects. I've heard this album called accessible and even "Patton's pop album", but in this interview he tells us where that comes from and I follow where he's coming from a bit more. I always looked at Tomahawk as more or a direct descendant of Faith No More than anything else, but until reading that interview I forgot that Patton's not really the main writer there. Anyway, you can stream the whole Peeping Tom album at their myspace. I like it, but coming on the heels of the Gorillaz's and Lovage's, & Handsome Boy Modeling Companies of the world, it's not all that much of a departure.

About two years ago or so, T-Bone gave me a CD-R, no case, labeled simply in sharpie ink, Jud Jud. I listened to it a few times and then lost it. Now I have a little context to go with all of it.

Also hot off the wire, I totally knew I was forgetting something the last time I updated. Thanks to The Old Dog for reading my mind and e-mailing to remind me - June 6th, 2006: National Day of Slayer!!! Oh, hell yeah! Plus, while I'm being all metal, go check out Hatebeak.

If you're looking for a good read or two, I can recommend an article about Sunn0))) and a very interesting article about sober hipsters. I read this just minutes after snarkily posting a comment about Dave Mustaine's music going downhill since he got sober, and it almost made me feel a bit bad about posting that, but not really.


  • Are you going to the Slayer show at the Aragon?

    By Blogger Lobstar, at 10:57 AM  

  • Why? YOu wanna go? I kinda doubt I'll go. Liars is the weekend before the show, and Intonation is the weekend after. Plus, I don't really like the Aragon. The last time I saw Slayer was at the Metro. *That* was something!

    By Blogger E, at 11:13 AM  

  • I thought about going since some friends of mine are, but I'd be a poseur. I'd just be going for a new experience, not because of any allegiance I have to slayer. And, yeah, the Aragon sucks. I'm not sure what band I'd be willing to see there.

    By Blogger Lobstar, at 4:29 PM  

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