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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Misty patch-bay colored memories

The other night I watched "Moog", the documentary on, duh, Bob Moog. While the film isn't exactly compelling from a cinematic or storytelling point of view, it is an interesting piece of oral history for music nerds. While watching it, I was stuck by a random memory from my youth.

Back in 1984, I spent a good part of the summer with family in Sacramento , CA. I say it was 1984, because that was the summer I was rocking the awesome Teen Titans painter's cap seen on this page. My aunt and uncle had a bunch of albums in their front room and I loved listening to their collection of Bill Cosby's comedy albums. But there was one album that really caught my attention. I couldn't tell you exactly what album it was, but I remember being transfixed by the image of a man at a keyboard who was being dwarfed by a huge patch bay with cables hanging out every which way.

My parent's LP collection mostly consisted of Peter, Paul & Mary style folk music and showtunes, so this slice of burbly electronic keyboard music flipped my little wig. I hadn't thought of that in years until the sight of a similar patch bay in the documentary jogged my memory. I guess my aunt & uncle are responsible for sparking my love of electronic music. Weird. I think that was also the summer that my cousin told me that "rap music will never last". heh.

Speaking of electronic music...

Looks like we're gonna get a few Intonation pre-parties this week in addition to the big fest. On Friday night MSTRKRFT and Chromeo will be DJing at SmartBar. I missed Chromeo a couple years back when they played Sonotheque, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them at Intonation on Sat. (even if I am getting sick of seeing that damn Heineken commercial featuring "You're So Gangsta" every time I try to watch a Cubs or Sox game.) I'd also love to Check out MSTRKRFT, but I think I might need to turn in a bit early of Friday in order to be well-rested for a weekend of baking and rocking out in the sun.

If you're looking to get your Friday night Intonation pre-party on with a little less vocodor and a bit more H-town hip-hop, head over to Zentra where Rapid Ric, D Double, Fader Pilot, & Ruki will be spinning and Devin tha Dude will be making a special appearance.

Also, have you seen the video for Peeping Tom's "Mojo" yet? Have you heard the new Portishead track? (more info at thier myspace) Alright then, carry on...


  • You sure that's Portishead? Doesn't sound like them... No guitar. No vox. No DJing... just a looped beat, pretty much. I thought their latest release was still the track they contributed to this Serge Gainsbourg tribute compilation - a track that isn't all that dazzling, but still bears the Portishead trademarks that appear to be missing from the track you linked to.

    Then again, who knows what happens to a band that's taken nine years since its last album?

    By Blogger pylbug, at 3:57 PM  

  • Yeah, that came from their myspace. I just updated the post with a link. They take a swipe at Zero 7 in the blog and Geoff takes a swipe at dangermouse on his myspace blog.

    Both posts are probably more entertaining than the track.

    By Blogger E, at 6:08 PM  

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