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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The September Third Conspiracy

This morning as I flipped through the Reader's section 3. I hadn't checked it out in a couple weeks, so I took a good look at the Early Warnings section to check out what's on the agenda for the next few months aside from festival mania. There were a few shows that caught my eye (Oneida on 7/15, Peeping Tom on 7/27, and Justice at Smart Bar in Nov. No Intonation appearance, but at least they'll be out here).

A strange thing happened with a couple other shows I wanted to see, though. As I looked through the listings, I noticed a common thread. First I noticed that Jamie Lidell is playing the Metro on Sept. 3. The last time he played here, at the Bottle, I waited until the last minute to go, and it was sold out. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing him. Then I saw that Comets on Fire are playing at the Empty Bottle. On Sept. 3rd. And here I thought my agonizing decisions were all going to be at Lollapalooza.

That wasn't all though. Moments later I'd discover that there is in fact a third competing show that very night when the Double Door plays host to...wait for it...Pig Destroyer and Brutal Truth! Whaaa?? Since when is Brutal Truth back together? I Googled , and there it was: Brutal Truth schedule Reunion show in Chicago. Damn, man. At least my decision has been made for me. According to the article, Brutal Truth reformed to record a song for the tribute album to raise money for Eyehategod, who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. After recording the song, they figured they might as well play at least one live show. I guess Chicago won because Kevin Sharp lives here. I saw him play at Venomous Concept's first (and only?) show a while back, but I never suspected I'd get another chance to see Brutal Truth! If you don't know, Brutal Truth was probably the finest grindcore band of the '90s, at least in my opinion. Their video for Collateral Damage is in the Guinness Book of Records for Shortest music video. This is Godplayer off of the excellent Need to Control.

Um, I think I'll go get my ticket right now. This is a great summer for music in general, and it keeps getting better.


  • I heard that Jamie Lindell show was fantastic. From your list, I think that's the one for me.

    By Anonymous Bill V, at 11:03 AM  

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