Gators don't sweat.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Shirt folding is all the rave in Japan

I am completly transfixed and mesmerized by this video. In general, I've been really amused by both google video and youtube and the like the past couple weeks. so while I'm here I suppose I can point you to a few good uns.

SPIDER-MAN NipĆ³n !!!!!!!!
Shatner's Rocket Man
Stewie's Rocket Man
Shooter - Lil Wayne & Robyn Thicke live on Leno
Elmo Controversy
The trailer for the new Batman Legos
And Stereogum has the full federline round up. K-fed in the studio, the instant parody, and James Lipton.

Here's a couple great reads for the video haters. Gilberto Gil is awesome and Sly Stone might be coming out of hiding for the Grammys?